Jewish problem, PR, Freud, Edward Bernays, era of a big lie and human nature

I must confess that almost every day I start with reading American Magazine “The Atlantic“. Since I am not native English, American, Australian or Canadian speaker, I still improve my English by reading American or English magazines and books.

And today I came across an article by Jeffrey Goldberg – “Glenn Beck’s Jewish Problem“, in which the Author writes about a serious TV commentator who “has something of a Jewish problem”, and later on:

“This is a post about Beck’s recent naming of nine people – eight of them Jews – as enemies of America and humanity. He calls these people prime contributors to the – wait for it – “era of the big lie”.

Among those eight he enumerates “Edward Bernays, the founder of public realtions, and a nephew of Freud’s”.

I myself am not a big fun of PR, and may even agree that we live in an era of a big lie, but consideration of the more or less important political, social or economic matters through the prism of nationhood, in categories of the nations, does not make sense. We – as human beings – still do not learn from history, we are permanently incapble of drawing conclusions from mistakes made by our ancestors. But the truth is simple and trivial – the human nature in its deepest dimension, in its deepest core, is still the same for all individuals in all nations, taking of course into account all superficial differences and nuances being the results of our diverse cultural and religious background.

Blaming Jews for PR and contribution to creating “era of a big like” does make the same sense as blaming Jews for October Revolution in Russia, or Georgians for Joseph Stalin. It is a road to nowhere.

Let us also take into consideration that PR is used with great pleasure not only by Jews, but all other nations, I mean not also governments and politics. We may know, we may feel that PR is not always honest, but still see that our governments, our politics, our coprporations, our firms resort to it. I am not happy with that, but when I take the deeper insight into me, I realize that sometimes in my private, daily life I also resrot to my “small, private PR” in interpersonal relations, but in any case I do not blame Jews for it.

Of course, I do not want to say, that it is OK, but human beings are still fragile and weak. They will always fall and stand up, without the end.

And let’s try to answer following question: are there really any persons who do not use some “private PR” in thier daily lives? And whose the gulity?


Bike trip to Knyszynska Forest

It seems that real spring has sprung at last. Today we had almost 20 degrees Celsius and a lot of sunshine. We could take off our shirts, sweaters, jackets and wear only t-shirts. After a long break – lasting almost 6 months we were able to take a bike trip to Knyszynska Forest, set off at 2 p. m. across the busy town. To go through the busy, jammed town may be a really traumatic expereince, and in fact it was so today. Fortunately thanks to EU funds municipal authorities build more and more bicycle paths in Bialystok and we used one of them to reach Suprasl – small, picturesque town, about 15 kilometres from Bialystok.

Orthodox church in Suprasl

It is an Orthodox church in Suprasl. First Orthodox church in Suprasl was built in the end of the 15th century. It was blew up by withdrawing German Nazis in 1944.

In Suprasl bicycle path ends and later on we went the road to Krynki, all the time across beautiful and old Knyszynksa forest. After passing a few kilometres we turn right, asphalt ended and we entered the real kingodm of the primeval forest.

Road to Budzisk Reserve in Knyszynska Forest.

“Entrance” to Budzisk Reserve in Knyszynska Forest.

As far as I am personally concerned, especially bike trips makes me fell free, they provide me with a kind of methaphysical sense of happiness and freedom. Forest itself in turn appears to be a real sanctuary for me, it is a place when I am able to believe in God and get rid of all my fears; a place for a deep contemplation and meditation. Real sanctuary…

In the middle of Budzisk reserve.

On our way home we started joking that this forest reminds us of “Blair Witch Project” and for sure it also has its witch whom one day we will meet 😉 There are many interesting and mysterious forest stories told by forest village inhabitants about ghosts, devils, but about them next time…

Fascination with evil – heights of hypocrisy

Today morning I take a short break and read an interveiw with famous and respected Polish actor. He speaks about his fascination with villains in theatre. Later on journalists recalls actor’s words: “Once You told that for good actor intelligence is only an obstacle and good actor has to be a m…ucker.”

At once I recollected an interview with an American young actress read a few years ago – I do not remember her name and surname – who was talking about one – sidedness and unambiguity of goodness and attractiveness of evil.

Tha fact is, many people consider goodness a boring thing. Undoubtedly in our contemporary culture fascination with evil exists and appears to be strong.

Several times I was even suprised by my friends who stated that evil gives the life taste and colour. But with regard to them I had an occassion to see how they behaved and how they got indignant when some kind of harm or injustice touched them. They were not able to understand how it could happen that evil met just them, raised hue and cry about such an evident insult and injustice, spoke about unethical and immoral behaviour of their evildoer, forgetting thier words about intriguing and healthy dose of evil.

So, for sure, evil is OK, is nice, gives the life taste and colour, makes life bearable and more interesting, but only on condition that does not concern us.

Spring in the forest (Knyszynska Forest)

Today spring has really began! Not on the 21th March, but in fact today. It has been sunny, optimistic, warm day. I could not go to the forest by bike, because I am still a little bit ill, so I had a car trip. I wanted to bring a joy and pleasure for my parents, so I taken them with myself and they did not regret.

All those intensive, fresh scents of the firs, pines and junipers, bright blue sky and sunbeams breaking through the trees, pale green of the forest with its trees, herbs and grasses around; mysterious and fabulous roads were phenomenally beautiful after the long, cold and rather grey than white winter – those winter even cross – country skiing was impossible, because lack of the snow.


Knyszynska forest – the place where we went – is one of my favourites forests in Podlasie and even in whole Poland. Although I live close to Bialowieska Forest/Bialowieza Forest – it is only 60 kilometres from Bialystok, I prefer Knyszynska Forest – it starts on the outskirts of Bialystok and ends almost on the border with Belarussia. Living in the downtown I go to Knyszynska Forest by bike only 20 minutes, and when I reach its edge, it looks more or less in this way (more or less, because the place which is visible in the picture below is much farther – about 20 – 25 kilometres from Bialystok – between Bialystok and Michalowo, close to the village named Majdan):


Bialowieza Forest is more gloomy and darker than Knyszynska Forest, less diverse in respect of landscape and types of the forest. Bialowieza Forest lies on the lowland, Knyszynska in some places on the lowland, in other ones on the small or the higher hills. In Bialowieza Forest dominate deciduous trees, in Knyszynska Forest evergreen ones. And Knyszynska is much more inspiring – if I only had more free time I could write fables…


I do apologize for the poor quality of above pictures.