Unknown and unexplored fort hill? Between Sadowo and Suchodolina (North Eastern Poland)

I wrote about this interesting and mysterious place in following post: Różanystok, św. Jan Bosko, grodzisko i w zasadzie o tym, że nic nie dzieje się przez przypadek

Is it a fort hill? A former pagan cult place? Or a natural hill? If it is a fort hill or pagan cult place, whom its possessors were – Balts (Yotvingians or Lithuanians) or Slavs? Not so far from this place there are other fort hills – in Trzcianka, Aulakowszczyzna, Milewszczyzna, Grodzisk, Grodziszczany, Bachmatowka – Miejskie Nowiny, and only one of them was really explored by archeologists – in Trzcianka. We know – with great probability – that Trzcinaka was established by Slavs. But who set up those other settlements?

For the purpose of this post let us stay by the version that it is a fort hill – it is more interesting and imaginative one!


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