Spring forest 2010, somewhere between Ponikla, Kopisk and Rybniki in Knyszynska Forest

Road form Ponikla to Kopisk in Knyszynska Forest.

Road to Rybniki.

When on one sunny and warm April day I travelled by bike across Knyszynska Forest, a thought came to my mind, that all those places are proper to be here almsot all the time, especially when I have to be in town, in office, and any other place, where there is no space, no green, no sense of freedom. Honey yellow or amber yellow trunks of the soaring pines looking like towers of medieval gothic cathedrals reaching to clear blue sky, lush green moss, and all permeating the atmosphere of mystery…

Through the eyes of imagination I see Great Prince of Lithuania -Vytautas hunting somewhere here in the first half of the 15th century.

It is only 20 kilometres from my home in the downtown of Bialystok!


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