Has the world lost interest in Belarussia?

Brutally supressed democratic, peaceful manifestation in Minsk on 25th March 2008 commemorating the 90th anniversary of The Belarus’ Declaration of Independence; cruely beaten young people in the streets, some of them forcefully packed to the buses, arrested, persecutions of independent journalists – these events make up picture of today Belarussia.

Have Belarussians obtained proper attention from the world? It seems that answer should sound “no”. What is the reason of such a state? Is it conviction of international community that Aleksander Lukashenko has a real support of majority of Belarussians? During several conversations with Belarussians who came to Poland I heard that this support is doubtful. In their opinion Lukashenko is supported mainly in villaeges, but in towns it is not so obvious. Young, well educated people are against him, they want to live in democratic country, they want to travel without limits, without borders, like their peers from European Union or even from Russia. But do they have enough strength to overthrow Lukasekno’s regime? And it seems that majority of Belarussian society lives in the countryside – it is natural electorate of Lukashenko.

Maybe world has lost interest in Belarussia, because similarly to Russia’s case it does not believe in the society’s will to accept the human rights in these both countries? Or maybe it does not want to irritate Russia which considers Belarussia its natural sphere of interest and influence?

Below I publish pictures of regime officials responsible for cruel suppression of manifestation in Minsk taken from Belarussian portal http://www.charter97.org

One of them – Dimitrij Pavlichenko is suspected by international community of abductions and murders of Belarussian opposition’s leaders – Jurij Zacharenko, Victor Gonchar, Belarussian businessman and social activist – Anatolij Krasovski, and independent journalist – Dmitrij Zavadzki.


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