Belarussians commemorates today 90th anniversary of independence’s declaration

On 25th March 1918 Belarussians proclaimed the Belarus’ Declaration of Independence. Today, democraticly inclined Belarussians commemorate 90th anniversary of this very important event in their history.

I suppose there are going to be riots, clashes between the participants of the opposition manifestations and governement forces in the streets of Minsk. I have no doubts, no illusions, there won’t be any breakthrough today. Aleksander Lukashenko will not resign even in close future.

But I hope that one day Belarussians will gain a real democratic state. I live only 50 kilometres from border with Belarussia and would like to see the day when this border gets open, open like borders between members states of European Union. I hope one day I will be able to go by my bike to Belarussia without passport and cross the border without soldiers stopping me on the checkpoint.

And the most important thing – I would like to see the day when Belarussians get able to choose thier own governemnt in democratic way and the day when they could openly call their state – “this is really our country where we feel well” and also say: “We live in a country where we can influence our lives and state’s matters. We are not afraid, we are not terrorized, we do not live in fear.”

If I am mistaken with regard to political and social situation concerning Belarussia, let someone put me right.


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