Easter wishes for all Bloggers and Readers and for myself

Once agian I have failed – I have not been able to devote proper quantity of my time to deep reflection and good deeds during the Lent. Once again I have not found time to prepare myself to Easter as I would like to and as I should. Too many duties, lack of proper mood resulted in unpreparedness. But I do not want to look for easy justifications.

Fortunately, meaning and aim of the Lent reminded me articles read in a Greek catholik magazine “Slovo” from Slovakia. On the other hand I realize that reading it is not enuogh.

Much earlier I resolved to print from the Internet and read reflections on the Lent of the Russian orthodox priest – Aleksander Mien, who was killed in 1990; but lack of eligible mood made it impossible.

I am sure that next year will be better in this respect.

On the occasion of Easter I would like to wish all the bloggers and readers and also myself Unshaken Belief in Another Person, Real Joy, Deep Peace of Mind and Soul, Inexhaustible Goodness, meeting many good and kind people on our way and Grace of God.

Let us not lose our Hope!


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