Anneliese Michel

Yesterday on Polish public TV I watched documentary dedicated to Anneliese Michel – a German girl who lived in Bavaria, and who – and here is a real problem – who was possessed or mentally ill?

I must confess that I am a rather moderate rationalist and everything try to explain and understand. When I was a student of Law Faculty in Uniersity in Bialystok I had forensic psychiatry’s lectures. Once we – it means me and my two friends – went to psychiatric hospital in Choroszcz to see how it works in practice. We met our lecturer who became our guide in hospital. We had many conversations, and one of them concerned possession. Our lecturer informed us that psychiatric hospital cooperate with priest – exorcist. I could not understand it, I was convinced that possession does not exist, that it is only unrecognized psychic disorder, psychic illness. I knew that region where I lived was one of the most religious regions in Poland, and its tradition, catholic and orthodox church upbringing which people here obtained influenced also doctors, psychiatrists, they were born here, raised, mainly in catholic or orthodox church families, and thier background must impact them. I did not believe in possession and our lecturer was not able to convince me and my friends.

Yet before forensic psychiatry’s lectures once I attended a meeting with priest – exorcist from Kleosin near Bialystok. He told us a stroy about a girl who was led to him by her parents. She should have been possessed. When she entered a chapel she started screaming, speaking foreign languages which she had never leraned and even languages which had not existed, and her voice was cruelly inhuman, manly and terryfing. Of course I considered it was a psychic disorder which medicine, psychiatry does not know, and has difficulty in disocvering its roots and causes.

But after yesterday’s documentary I started thinking if it is possible that a fragile, delicate, sensitive girl – even if sha was ill – is able to produce such horryfing sounds, voices? Is a human being organism able to create such inhuman sounds, especially a womanly one?

Anneliese was a very religous person, religion was her almost whole life, she probably read a lot of religious books, and maybe all konwledge, all information that she gathered coded itself in her subconscious and during the explosions of her illness some of those things which lived in her subcnoscious let out in the form of frigthening voices, delusions and kind of epilepsy. Maybe, but why none of doctors was not able to treat , to help her?

I think there is a Mystery where a man should give a bow to It.


3 thoughts on “Anneliese Michel

  1. sunni says:

    I have to make a statement here.
    I remember going into the studying Anneliese’s case convinced she was either Dissociative Identity disorder, or either (and) more likely a schizophrenic. but, after I took the documents of the priest, and her medical records themselves (without ever hearing the tapes) I was convinced by the middle point of my study that this girl was definitely experiencing something paranormal. Something so magnificent that we (human beings) can’t fathom.
    I just heard the entire tapes yesterday and it’s been over a year since I finished her case. I must say, what I heard on those tapes, the different tones, sounds that came from that meek woman, I’m not that shocked after I’ve thoroughly read the specifics on her case and those alone found myself in complete shock- There’s so much to this girl and her experience.. that words can’t only begin to touch it.
    Agreed. “Give a bow to it..”

  2. the sunrises says:

    Thank You for Your precious comment.

  3. Kaif says:

    Interesting post. I am not sure about Anneliese Michel, but I do feel that there is something about the idea of possession and exorcism. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since I watched the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night.

    You might like to read something I wrote about this topic:

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