Reflections on Great Thursday

There are moments in life of human kind when a man doubts in God’s existence, when life overwhlems him or her so much that he or she does not have strength to think of God, when he or she even loses their Faith for longer or shorter periods or even forever. Such states seem unavoidable, sometimes they touch even priests, not to mention laymen. I am not a fervently religious man, though I was raised in catholic family. More than 90% of Poles make up catholics. Unfortuntaly, many Poles’ faith is very shallow and apparent, it happens that it is restricted only to visiting the church every Sunday and only to rituals. Sometimes it lacks deeper background and reflection. No wonder that many young people do not seriously treat their faith, they just do not know what should it be, they do not konw its aim, do not understand its meaning, the do not feel it.

I am 32 years old and my faith is still at the stage of discovering, getting to know, looking for, trying to understand. There are moments in my life when I do not doubt that God exists and sometimes I am not able to maintain its conviction, sometimes I get far away from God – it is not the way that He leaves me, it is impossible, I am sure that I lack smething, but still do not know what – what makes me being far away from God.

Fortunately we often meet in our way people, places, books, magazines, songs, music which confirm that God exists and is close to us, watches us, supports us and never leaves us. For several months I have been reading Slovak Greekcatholic magazin “Slovo”:

In september of 2007 I visited for the first time in my life Presov – beautiful and picturesque town in the eastern Slovakia. I found there a Greek catholic baroque church in downtown. I entered it with my mother and friend and I get enchanted (I am not sure if it is a proper word). There was a Mass in Byzantine Rite, young and elderly people deeply immersed in prayers, stunning iconostas. After returning to Poland I started to look for information concerning Greek catholics in eastern Slovakia and found website of Greek catholic bishopric in Presov:

and on this website also magazine “Slovo”. Fortunatley Polish and Slovakian languages are so similar that I do not have real problems in reading with understanding articles in this magazine. Every time when I read and after reading its magazine I feel that my faith gets stronger.

Slovakian landscapes, villages and towns which I saw, people who I met restored my faith. I cannot explain it – I am not enough religious man to do it, but I have friends who would be able to explain it to me, they claim there are no accidents in human life. I want to believe that in fact it is so.

I am enormously grateful to staff which creates “Slovo”. Thanks to them my faith gets stronger and I have also possibility to learn Slovakian language, to get to know Slovakian culture and history, and especially Greek catholic tradition.


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