Can Polish – Belarussian relations be good?

Playing scrabble, sipping vanilla – flavoured vodka with my friend in a cosy pub called “Cube” situaeted in the attic of the 19th century house in the centre of Bialystok, we were discussing Polish – Belarussian relations in Podlasie (Poland). We, native Poles, crave for good relations between these two nations living for centuriers in this region. Now these relations are correct, but it is not enough, not for us, sometimes they get spolied, they fail. The roots of this state one should trace back to history, different goals and different interests of Poles and Belarussians.

The mutual, sincere and real respect, deep understanding and emapthy, not to say love (is love possible between nations at all?) – those are things which we dream of.

With regard to love – presently love seems to be only rhetoric, but it should show ideal which we are obliged to pursue. And maybe not “obliged”, but which we WANT to pursue.

Are we naive in our dreams, in our considerations? Are we dreamers? For sure, but it is good to be an idealist, however naively it sounds.


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