My private paradise

I am sure that God created Paradise in Slovakia, and especially in the eastern Slovakia. Every time when I have such a possibility I try to visit this beautiful and picturesque country. Sometimes I even consider possibility to move to Kosice, Presov, Bardejov, Stara Lubovna, but I live so far from Slovakia (maybe not so far – 700 kilometres), that now it is impossible.

I do not like high mountains so I am not interested in Tatry. I am in love with those not too high mountians close to Kurov, Bardejov, Presov and Kosice, with those beautiful, small and cosy villages; proud, colourful and interesting towns with its old buildings, monumental gothic churches with towers soaring into the sky and scraping clouds; fabulous old markets flooded with sunshine, narrow silent streets.

And maybe the most important thing in Slovakia – people, Slovakian people almost always kind, polite, trying to be helpful, open to conversation. I am not naive and realize that as in every nation there are differnt persons and I was lucky to meet people who impressed me so much in a positive way, but it has never happened to me to meet with such kindness, politeness and warmness in other countries. And it was not pretending, it was not false, forced, it was as natural as possible, as natural as only lush green of Slovakian fields, forests, beauty of its mountiansĀ  may be. I am convnvinced, I am confident that it was sincere as my sobriety of mind prevents me from being taken in by deceitful behaviours and hypocrisy.

With this article I would like to open a cycle of articles in whish I will try to convey my impressions, my adventures, my reflections concerning of eastern Slovakia.


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