Kosovo proclaims independence

It has just happened. Yesterday Parliament of Kosovo proclaimed independence. It seems there has not been any good solution to Kosovo question, but I sincerely regret Serbs.

With regard to this situation some question arise:

1. May demography be the most important and decisive argument for independence?

2. May the Right of the Nations to the self determination based on demography ignore other equally and maybe even more important arguments like culture, history, politics?

Kosovo was in fact the cradle of Serbian statehood, there are thousands of Orthodox churches and monasteries. I must confess that I understand Serbian anger and disappointment.

On the other hand – has there been any better solution? Never ending protection of the United Nations and international administration? It seemed to be makeshift and malfunctioning legal construction. Staying in Serbian borders? It would result in further fights.

Tragic choice. And what is going to be now? What about Abkhazia? What about Southern Osetia?


2 thoughts on “Kosovo proclaims independence

  1. fieldhand says:

    Once Poles used their right to proclaim country’s independence and demography based denomination to define Poland’s borders after the World War I.

    Independent of my views at actual motivations and all the “helpers” in the independence process of Kosovo we can’t deny them that right we have granted ourselves.

  2. the sunrises says:

    In Polish case not demography played crucial role, but historical and cultural arguments, except the eastern part of Poland – “kresy”.

    And we did not have a statehood at all, Albanians have thier own state.

    Maybe a good idea would be division Kosovo between Serbia and Albania?

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