Pro-western candidate wins in Serbia, and what about Kosovo…?

Beyond reasaonable doubts pro – western candidate – Boris Tadic wins in presidential elections in Serbia. It is undoubtedly a good news. It means that Serbians support Serbia’s membership in European Union. But is it also a sign that it is going to be proclaimed independence of Kosovo?

European Union and United States should have sense of gulit with regard to Serbia. During all Balkan wars Serbia was presented as the villain, the only one guilty all the evil which took place in Balkans. In fact reality as always is more complicated, not schematic, not black and white. Serbia like other Balkan countries was also executioner and at the same time – victim of war propaganda and other countries involved in wars.

We cannot forget that Kosovo is very important place for Serbians from the historical, cultural and also political point of view. It is a cradle of Serbian state. There are still many Orthodox Christian convents – now surrounded with barbed wires, warned by KFOR forces and somtimes shelled with missiles by “unknown culprits”. Convents which are witnesses of former Serbian greatness. Serbians resisted islamization of their country and nation for many years, they just deserve Serbian Kosovo – their native land. Demography cannnot be an argument in favour of sovereignty. The most important factor should be cultural and historical roots of given land.

But there is great possibility that Kosovo will proclaim its independence soon. Its independence is going to be recognized by UE members and USA. Russia – natural Serbia’s ally – is not able to resist this situation at the moment, and probably is going to use it as a precedent with regard to South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where is politically engaged. If Kosovo has a right to proclaim its independence which is to be recognized by international society, why shouldn’t it be so with Abkhazia or South Ossetia? Moreover other national minorities in other countries could also call its precedent.

And is it a good idea to have a next islamic country in Europe? Country which no one knows how it could be used in the future by other islamic countries. I highly respect Albanians, but think that there is no need to create the second Albanian state.


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